Datakit - Data on the Anywhere

Datakit is a Data Collection System that is spatial aware, Gone are the days you go to field with papers and pens to record data, collect and use data in real time.

Using this system you will be able to gather data from the field and store data in database in real time

What is an organization

We envisioned data collection system that would allow a single person e.g. doing a research, an a group people or organization e.g. gathering data related to there area of expertise or need all operating on a single account to achieve a common goal

To accomplish this, each super admin(persons who opens account with us) is required to create a specialized group that we call organization, and in this organization different people are assigned one of 3 possible roles(as per now)

Organization does not necessarily have to be an existing organization, it can be fictitious name, but its preferable to be a name that has relevance to you work

Think of it as an account where you have the ability to add more user to your account, and in this account each user has a role to play

As of now we have 3 user roles administrator, field officer, general user

What and who can do what

* Start creating new users to your account, and allocating the duties, as of now we have:

  • Administrator -- responsible for management of the account they belong to, creating user, designing data collection forms,visualizing collected data any many more
  • Field officer -- this are responsible of gathering the field data and feeding it to the system for storage
  • general user -- this perfome the final detail of analysis

* You can also create resource , which will be allocated to other users incase of need eg field officers will gps

* You can also design datacollection forms which field officers will use to gather and store data using the system